Chris Hadfield is a Canadian Space Agency astronaut who spent three months on the International Space Station.  During his stay, Hadfield took dozens of photographs of our planet from his incredibly unique perspective.  Astronauts don’t take photographs of earth randomly, but rather use the shots as a data collection source, targeting weather events and ecological monitoring sites.  Hadfield’s photographs have earned him a honorary Service of Photographic Arts designation by the Professional Photographers of Canada and have gained him acclaim the world over.  Here are 10 stunning shots of our Earth from over 250 miles above the planets surface.


1.  Mississippi enters the Gulf of Mexico


Chris Hadfield 1 Black Mask Gallery


2.  San Francisco at night


Chris Hadfield 2 Black Mask Gallery


3. Smoke clouds over Australia after bush fires


Chris Hadfield 5 Black Mask Gallery


4.  Cloud cover over Africa


Chris Hadfield 7 Black Mask Gallery


5.  Valleys in Venezuela


Chris Hadfield 8 Black Mask Gallery


6.  Richat Structure of Mauritania


Chris Hadfield 9 Black Mask Gallery


7.  Japanese rice fields blanketed in snow


Chris Hadfield 10 Black Mask Gallery


8.   Salt lake in the Australian outback


Chris Hadfield 11 Black Mask Gallery


9. Lima, Peru


Chris Hadfield 12 Black Mask Gallery


10.  The sun shining above the Earth


Chris Hadfield 13 Black Mask Gallery

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