Usually, street art makes a very blatant statement.  From pieces that deal with environmental crisis to those that deal with the social repercussions of technology, street art is made to be seen.  However, sometimes less is more. Sometimes the hunting for and noticing of little pieces of art can be far more rewarding than larger, more obvious pieces.  Here are 10 pieces of tiny street art that are receiving attention around the world because of their small and unobtrusive scale. 


1. Joe Lurato – Wooden Cut-outs Joe Lurato 1 Black Mask Gallery   New Jersey based artist Joe Lurato spray painted, miniature wooden cut-outs have been spotted around New York.  The various cut-outs come together as an autobiography of Lurato’s life, including pieces  about his childhood and the experience of becoming a father.


2. Isaac Cordal – Cement Eclipses Isaac Cordal 2 Black Mask Gallery   Isaac Cordal’s Cement Eclipses are a series of miniature cement sculptures that can be found around London.   His art explores themes ranging from climate change to capitalism, usually infused with a distrust of authority.


3. Isaac Cordal – Strainer sculptures Isaac Cordal 6 Black Mask Gallery   Another series from Brussels based artist Isasac Cordal.  The sculptures utilise the light from street lamps, which shine through manipulated metal strainers and create shadowy portraits on the sidewalk.


4. Jade – Playa La Herradura Jade 1 Black Mask Gallery   Jade is based in Lima, Peru, and is know for various pieces of small street art.


5.  OakOak –  Crossing Light Men

OakOak 3 Black Mask Gallery

OakOak is a French artist regularly turns everyday urban objects into fun and amusing art works.  This piece was created using cardboard cut-outs.


6. OakOak – Paint OakOak 4 Black Mask Gallery   Another piece from French artist OakOak.  This piece again uses pre-existing urban elements, and this time a paint based medium, to create fun and hard to spot art.


7.  Slinkachu – Inner City Snails Slinkachu 8 Black Mask Gallery

London based artist Slinkachu produced these pieces, which probably take the cake as the hardest to find pieces of art ever.  They involve paintings or tiny sculptures on live snail’s shells, released all over London.


8.  Slinkachu – Little People Slinkachu 9 Black Mask Gallery

Another instalment from London artist Slinkachu. Little People comprises many instalments of tiny art around London.  They involve tiny train model figures, sometimes cut up and glued into specific poses before being painted.


9. Pablo Delgado – Small World (Doors) Pablo Delgado 4 Black Mask Gallery

Mexican Artist Pablo Delgado has installed dozens of these miniature paste ups skirting the pavement around London.  This project started with the above pictured doors from around the world.


10. Pablo Delgado – Small World

Pablo Delgado 5 Black Mask Gallery

Our final piece is again from London based Pablo Delgado.  The evolution of the Small World project led to depictions of more absurd concepts and characters.

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