Prison - Jesse Krimes || Black Mask Gallery Prison 2 - Jesse Krimes || Black Mask Gallery

Jesse Krimes’ career  has had something of an unusual trajectory compared to most graduates with a BA in Studio Art. Sentenced to a 70-month prison term for drug charges, Krimes spent his time inside establishing prison drawing, painting and studio art programs and worked collaboratively with his fellow inmates. 

His major achievement came with his incredible, massive and detailed work of art called “Apokaluptein”. Using found objects from around the prison, Krimes built a collage that is at once beautiful and nightmarish. Now a free man, Krimes continues focusing on his art. According to his website he “has devoted his life’s work to examining issues of dehumanization, objectification, celebrity worship, identity formation, and mass incarceration”.

You can see more of his work here.

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