Name: Chris

Age: 30-ish

Location: Scotland

Type of Art: Surreal portraits

Chris (Simpsons Artist) is one of the hottest new Internet art phenomenons. Known for his surreal portraits, the semi-anonymous British artist is gathering a huge online following. At time of print he has 254,000 Facebook fans, and a super high engagement on all of his posts, which normally include a portrait and a distinctive, stream-of-consciousness-type story to accompany it. His work is often topical, following an event such as the recent death of Margaret Thatcher. Little is known about the man himself, however he is more and more being touted as the voice of his generation, and a large number of his followers can see the genius behind his intentionally-crude work. Who he is and whether he will reveal his identity is a mystery still in progress.

Chris, Simpsons Artist || Black Mask Gallery

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