Although body art has only recently hit the mainstream, tattoos have a long history around the world. This history is explored in the book 1000 Tattoos, edited by renowned tattooer Henk Schiffmacher. The book contains photographs of everything from tribal body art, to 19th century engravings, to 20th century circus performers and gang members.

You can buy the book here.

1000 Tattoos, Edith Burchett || Black Mask Gallery

Edith Burchett, wife of “Professor” Burchett, the “King of Tattooists”. c1920

1000 Tattoos, Maori Tribesman || Black Mask Gallery

Maori Tribesman, New Zealand

1000 Tattoos, Ron Ackers || Black Mask Gallery

Ron Ackers, Bristol, Great Britain. c1950

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