As we head further into the 21st century, society is not only advancing at a phenomenal rate, but we are also becoming more aware of how that advancement is impacting our planet. Unfortunately, that awareness has not developed soon enough for the many animal species facing extinction in the wild.

These species are the focus of the new exhibition, Endcount, a collaboration between Sydney-based artists Lily Perthuis and Joe Bramwell-Smith. The title is in reference to the current total population of a species close to extinction – a number trending towards zero.

Four years in the making, the works “combine data, digital and physical aspects to create unique representations of species in crisis. The process aligns the keystrokes of coding to the brush strokes of painting. Each work in the series represents the total number of that species left in the wild.”

Leopard, Endcount || Black Mask Gallery

Amur Leopard – estimated number remaining in the wild is just 24

The beautiful, colour-rich paintings depict species such as the giant panda, Amur leopard, Javan rhinoceros, Sumatran tiger and more highly-endangered animals. As well as bringing much-needed awareness to the critical state of these animals, a portion of price of each item sold will be donated to a charity working to protect that particular species.

Giant Panda, Endcount || Black Mask Gallery

Giant Panda – estimated number remaining in the wild is 1,500

“Endcount is a bold and confronting reminder that our actions have direct impacts on the world around us and that we have the capacity to affect change.”

Endcount is opening on March 27th at Piermarq (Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia).


Rhinoceros, Endcount || Black Mask Gallery

Javan Rhinoceros – estimated number remaining in the wild is 40

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